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Car Loans without Credit

Car Loans without Credit

The credit score system is certainly interesting and rife with plenty of ups, downs, and sideways shuffles that come with every purchase you make, loans you acquire, assets you own, and so forth. However, there’s a fair number of people that are either new to the country or new to the stage of their lives where credit begins to become important.

For those of you out there that currently are interested in a car loan but do not have a credit score to speak of – we’re here to help you out!

At Summerside Toyota you’ll have an experience that stands out and steps up to your questions with answers that make sense and address your personal needs and expectations. When you are in the situation where you have no credit and want to apply for a car loan the steps are quite straightforward and simple. We recommend using a sizeable down-payment as a step in the right direction.

Documentation Proof And/Or a Co-Signer

Documentation is important for those who have no credit score to speak of. Bring along the active credit history that you have, even if it’s quite empty, and provide evidence in the form of bills being paid – this might include phone bills, utilities, etc – and finally, bring proof of employment and paystubs or evidence of payments through cheques to help develop the image of who you are regardless of the actual credit situation you are in.

This can further be complemented by bringing along a co-signer to offer their weight to the process and effectively create a form of trust and reliability between you and the money lender that you intend to work with.

When you have these elements considered and laid out, or even if you are still collecting the documentation, please do not hesitate in reaching out to the team at Summerside Toyota and we’ll be pleased to offer you insight and options that might better relate to you. We want you to have a great experience when you choose us – and have the skills to make it happen!

Work with our team and drive home in your next favourite vehicle without complications!

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