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Do You Have Good Credit? Fantastic! What Does that Mean for You?

Do You Have Good Credit? Fantastic! What Does that Mean for You?

We definitely don’t need to tell you that having good credit is good for you, but that said, we want to give you a bit of a run-down on what it actually does for you in terms of financing options and opportunities. Good credit opens doors. It shows prospective lenders that you are capable of keeping to your obligations and payment schedules. In short, it makes you a more attractive and more trustworthy option for those prepared to offer you financing.

While it’s simple enough to state, the truth of the matter is that you’ll find better opportunities with good credit than you can with poor-to-bad credit. Financial decisions are complicated beasts, though, and we appreciate the gravity they bring to your lives. We live in a world dominated by decisions that consistent attempt to complicate our financial existence – from moving out of your parents’ home, moving to a new city altogether, going on vacations, purchasing your own property, opening a business, or, more directly related to our solutions, buying a vehicle – there’s a heavy pressure placed on credit scores in our economy. The more attention you place on keeping your credit score in good form, the easier it becomes to find lenders that will work with you and offer better plans and rates.

Of course, this will influence your insurance rates and other aspects of your dealership experience. If you have questions, simply reach out and let our team know! We’re here to help you!

Good Credit, Your Next Vehicle, And You!

If we were to list out all the advantages that complements good credit we’d definitely exhaust you. However, we want to emphasize again that the benefits of being in a position where you have good credit makes financing your next vehicle a breeze! You’ll enjoy hearing that you qualify for lower financing rates on your next vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to own or lease, the power of good credit gives you more leverage for lenders.

It goes beyond rates, too! With incentives that sometimes can range to include the opportunity for negotiation on pricing and the ability to establish specialized considerations. We would rather not get into too many specifics, as these are case-by-case, however, we will state that you will find it much easier to navigate the financing waters with good credit supporting you.

Lots of people ask us if there are ways to improve their credit score and the simple answer we have is: Yes. Absolutely! You can improve your credit score by ensuring any payments you may have are paid on time (or before the required date). You can encourage your credit score to improve by keeping credit cards completely paid off for extended periods of time. You can demonstrate to the system that you are reliable and will have the financial stability necessary to commit to more credit options. Of course, there are numerous other ways to make an impact on your credit scores, and our team at Summerside Toyota wants to provide you with the expert advice and guidance to find solutions that work best for you.

We know we’ve spoken a lot about good credit – but let’s touch a bit on bad credit.

Bad credit is never an ending – it simply means that you have some work to do! At Summerside Toyota we don’t believe in excuses. We believe in offering the practical counsel that aligns you with solutions specific to your situation and circumstances. So, whether you have bad credit, decent credit, good credit, or any of the stages in between, there’s a way forward waiting for you with our professionals.

Reach out and find out more today!

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